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Ice Coffee Syrup Recipes
ced coffee or iced coffee is the best resep cireng crispy solution when the days are hot and super sultry. This time you could try for preparing its own iced coffee which will immediately refund your mood is lost because of the hot weather. Check out the recipe here grab your Ladies.


250 g ground coffee
500 ml water
375 g sweetened condensed milk
2 tbsp vanilla extract

How To Make:

In a container mix together the water and also the coffee and let sit for one night.
The next day, strain and discard the ampasnya.
Mix the water with milk and vanilla bottle and store in tightly in the refrigerator.
To present the content of a tall glass with resep bakwan jagung renyah ice and pour the iced coffee.

Easy isn't it Ladies? Wait what else. Come this super delicious recipes.
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