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The benefits behind the ice-Basil for health
You certainly already know the resep roti goreng sederhana small black seeds, whole Basil are widely used as mixed drinks this shape is very unique, Basil seeds will be surrounded a white layer of nodes that the thicker the outer when smothered in hot water.

Besides it tastes good it turns out fruit Basil resep pepes tahu udang super enak has several benefits for the health of the body, here are some benefits of Basil seeds, among others, address the inflammation of the stomach, Smoothes facial skin, Cure toothache, treat headaches, overcoming Often nervous,

Recipe: Basil ice making
1000 cc coconut water
100 cc of vanilla syrup
1 spoon of food seeds selasii
1 canned fruit bowl
1/4 kolang-kaling
50 g granulated sugar
coconut milk 150 cc
1 packet gelatin
150 cc of water
1 drop green chrome
ice cubes to taste
How to make ice selasi:
water soaked selasi seed approximately 1 hour
kolangkaling fruit washed, halved lengthwise and give the granulated sugar, then let sit until the sugar sink in.
one packet of gelatin into 2. Partially cook with water that had been emblazoned the green dye, and partially cooked with coconut milk to a boil, and then each placed in a baking dish, wait to cool and harden, if already chilled cut into pieces.
heat vanilla syrup, combine with kolang-kaling fruit, seeds and coconut water, selasi piece gelatin above,
serve with ice cubes
If you want to membut its own seeds of basil, can be made from flowers that have dried basil leaves. When the flowers dried basil, he'll pull out the seeds of small sized color black. To get the Basil, seeds soaked in water, and would later appear clear white membrane outer suburb.

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