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Coconut Curry Dishes Recipes Red Snapper Heads
Goulash is a dish made of chicken, goat resep pie susu bali meat, beef, other meat types, do not miss his innards, as well as a variety of fish cooked in sauce a flavored savory spices. The hallmark of goulash is a rich spice bumbunya, among others, turmeric, coriander, galangal, ginger, pepper, red chili, onion, garlic, fennel, Lemongrass, nutmeg, cinnamon and cumin which is then mashed and then mixed and cooked in coconut milk.
How to make Coconut Curry fish head red snapper
On this occasion I will share the recipe for goulash resep dadar gulung ncc of red snapper, but the need is red snapper head only, if the include wish keseruluhan are also welcome, let us just watch what materials need to be prepared.

1 kg Red Snapper heads
1000 ml thin coconut milk
2 fruit acid kandis/tamarind
5 pieces of Orange leaves
2 pieces of bay leaf
3 stalk Lemongrass in memarkan
200 ml thick coconut milk
4 tablespoons cooking oil
The seasoning paste:
3 sections of turmeric finger
1 tablespoon coriander roasted
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
7 pieces of red chilli
4 cloves garlic
3 segment finger of ginger
3 segment finger galangal
5 cloves shallots
1 1/2 grams
If all the above materials already available on our how to watch straight pengolahanya

How to make:
Saute seasoning which is mashed and seasonings which are not in the puree until aromatic and seasoning cooked.
Insert the head of the fish, sauteed fish head back until changes color
enter 500 ml thin coconut milk, reduce heat and cover.
Cook until approximately 15 minutes and then enter the rest of the thin coconut milk and stir until all are cooked
terakir enter the thick coconut milk, stir-stir for a moment and turn off the heat
more delicious cold and then left in the heat again and serve while warm.
Tips For fish not amis:

Rub the fish with vinegar and sugar, stirring to mix well, let stand for 15 minutes, and wash clean, fish prepared in the cookbook.

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